We learn new things every single day, but we make sure to have fun while we’re at it.

Selvam and Selvam is a firm built on a dynamic team of people who are passionate about Intellectual Property and extremely interested in the work that they do. As a mid-sized firm, the firm is capable enough to handle complex legal problems with individual attention to its clients.

Expanding rapidly, the firm looks for talented people who are ambitious, academically curious, passionate about the law, always willing to roll up their sleeves and work, think out of the box and take pride in protecting the rights of their clients.

Recognising that the growth and quality of work depends on the members of its team, the firm takes pride in taking care of its team members and providing them with a comfortable and open environment to work in. At Selvam and Selvam, we believe in removing the proverbial corporate ladder and instead working with individuals on specific career paths and areas of growth.  More importantly we understand that people have commitments outside of work and help them in maintaining that ever important work-life balance.

New associates are partnered with senior associates so that they can learn and ultimately deal with a range of legal problems on their own.

If you are ready to embark upon a career in intellectual property law or continue on your existing journey with IP, this is the place for you.