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Video games and trademarks – Play it right!

In my previous article, I’d written about how different aspects of the video game (story line, source code, characters, background music, screen shots, packaging) can be protected under the laws of copyright. In addition to this, there are different aspects of the trademark law that a game developer will have to keep in mind while creating a game is a world of unending possibilities.

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Video games and Intellectual Property – Making the smart move!

Before I start off telling the world the numerous ways in which different parts of a video games can be protected as an intellectual property, I must admit that I don’t play video games myself and all my knowledge about it is limited to all that I hear about it from friends and colleagues. Though video games have never really fascinated me, when I started reading and knowing more about them (purely for research!), it’s definitely something I wanted to try my hand at!

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