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Single class or Multi Class trademark application in India?

I wish there was an easy answer. Unfortunately there isn’t. Indian Trademarks Law allows filing of multi class applications. If you are using a counsel you may be advised by your counsel to file single class applications, not because he wants to bill you more; because the benefits of single class application outweighs few bucks saved by filing a multi class application.

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4 steps to register a trademark in India – The fast and cost effective way.

While the Indian Trademark Office has been constantly trying to complete the mammoth task of clearing several thousands of trademark applications pending before it at various stages of prosecution, fulfilling the following steps would help you to protect your trademark in India quickly and cost effectively.

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Why is India not yet ready for the Madrid Protocol?

While we are all excited about India becoming a part of the Madrid System on July 08, 2013 there are serious concerns on how the Indian trademark office already struggling with delays and quality of examination going to cope up with the new international applications. Among other issues such as Central Attack and whether an application can be filed in India by a foreign lawyer the following are some practical issues that the Government should have looked into before giving false hopes.

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