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Let them eat cake? Did the Controller of Patents turn a blind eye to the poor in the recent refusal of Compulsory License?

It was before the French Revolution that when the peasants went to their queen, Marie Antoinette to spill their grievances that she said “if the people didn’t have bread let them eat cake”. This analogy has been used whenever any

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Sizopin and syzopin – Acquiescence makes no sense?

When I first came across the medicines SIZOPIN and SYZOPIN, I honestly thought it might have just been a typographical error and that they originate from the same source. Much to my astonishment, they are in fact two different drugs used for treating almost the similar thing. So naturally there had to be a suit for infringement by the one against the other.

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MSD – Glenmark patent row – Court granted injunction against Glenmark

Close to two years after Merck filed a suit for injunction against Glenmark and after a quite a struggle, MSD has finally been granted an injunction and Glenmark has been restrained from making and marketing its versions of the drug. The Delhi High Court laid down a detailed analyses of the facts and came to the conclusion that the Glenmark had infringed MSD’s patented drug.

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