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Post-mortem rights of publicity in India. A matter of grave importance

Once a person becomes famous, then they are constantly in the eyes of the public. In the age of the internet they have become more of a product for mass consumption than an individual. This is where the right of

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SPORTS – Intellectual Property has got your back!

Gone are those days where sports were played as a result of passion and recreation. No one considered sports as a profession or a career. Today, it has become a huge business opportunity where people can mint money. The number

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Rajnikanth’s personality rights – It’s only his. Mind it!

Celebrities in India (particularly actors and film makers) have become extremely vigilant of their rights. There has been a considerable increase in the number of cases requesting for John Doe orders, recognition of celebrity rights and the number of trademark applications for the name of famous personalities have arisen. The Courts in many cases have recognized the concept of personality rights and have even decided cases when there has been unauthorized use of a personality’s name. However, a recent order passed by the Madras High Court went a step ahead. In a case filed by the super star of the Tamil Film Industry Rajnikanth against Varsha Productions, the Court granted an interim injunction against use of Rajnikanth’s name, image, caricature and even his style of delivering dialogues!

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