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ISRA wins yet another case at the Delhi High Court

The Indian Singers’ Rights Association (ISRA) on 30th September won yet another case at the Delhi High Court against Night Fever Club & Lounge, Delhi. This is the second of its kind in recent times with the first being two

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Recognition of Performers’ Rights by the Indian Courts

The Copyright Act, 1957 was amended and came into effect on June 21, 2012. One of the major amendments that it brought along with it is with respect to Performers’ right in India. Chapter VIII of the Copyright (Amendment) Act,

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Copyright – Performers Rights in India

You’ve probably come across that Shakespearean quote several times in your life. Shakespeare is one of those people that everyone knows of because you just ought to (to seem knowledgeable during small talk at the very least). What you may not know in the context of Copyright is that none of his works were protected under the law of Copyright (probably why my school staged his plays for several years without worrying about rights). The Statute of Anne which was the Act which brought in copyright protection was passed by the British Parliament several years after his death.

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