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Automation of generation and issuance of patent grant e-certificates in India

In lines with the “E-Registration Certification” initiative of Trade Marks Office, the Controller of Patents and Designs recently issued a notice, whereby automating issuance of patent grant e-certificates with effect from July 03, 2017. The notice states that the generation

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Revocation of patents in India – High Court clarifies position on Section 8

I had recently written about the importance of disclosing status of foreign applications to the Indian Patent Office and how non-compliance can result in revocation of patents under Section 64 (1) (m) of the Patents Act. The Delhi High Court on November 7, 2014 delivered a landmark ruling on Section 8 and clarified that non-compliance would not result in automatic revocation of patent and that the power of revocation under Section 64 (1) (m) was discretionary in nature.

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