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Sugar and spice and everything NICE

A trademark that has been registered is valid for the goods or services that it has been applied for.If I file a trademark WONKZOO for legal services, aside from the fact that I may be committing professional suicide I need to decide which class of goods I have to file the trademark in. A trademark can be applied for, in one or more classes.Figuring out what specifications to apply the trademark for requires a certain amount of planning and thought.

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Classification of goods and services

When you file an application for registration of a trademark you need to mention the list of goods/services for which you intend to use the trademark. India follows an international system of classification of goods and services called the “Nice Classification” according to which the goods and services are categorized into 45 classes, with goods covered in classes 1 to 34 and services covered under classes 35 to 45.

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