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Update: Anti-cancer drug Abraxane refused patent by the IPO

Following my earlier post on this issue, it is now reported that the Indian Patent Office (IPO) has refused patent to the anti-cancer drug, Abraxane. I am yet to obtain a copy of this IPO order. A recap Briefly, the opposition against

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Justice, naturally.

An order in January this year by the Intellectual Property Appellate Board (“IPAB”) drives home a simple, much re-iterated and often neglected point of law: the right to be heard.

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Importance of O-3 Notice – Trademark renewal reminder

We bring to you a guest post by Nemish Zaveri, a fourth year law student from Institute of Law, Nirma University with a keen interest in intellectual property laws. In this article, he presents his views on the requirement to serve the O-3 notice. An O-3 notice is a reminder sent to the registered proprietor of a trademark before the validity of his trademark expires.

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