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Cover Versions & Remixes – Copyright in India

YouTube is filled with videos of people (budding artists!) singing songs of their favourite artists in their own style and giving it their personal touch or artists who are remixing songs. In the first scenario, it would be a most likely be cover version of the original song since the singer is retaining the lyrics and the musical arrangement but singing it in his own style. However, in the case of remixes, the artist is changing the musical arrangement by adding beats, lyrics and a few notes, may be. Would this amount to copyright infringement if done without the consent of the original artist?

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Copyright and Music – 5 Things Bands need to keep in mind

Tripping on tangled mass of wires, feeling my head reverberate with the sound of music, coffee, beer and smoke breaks was a part of my life for a few years. I used to sing for a band and for several music shows before I turned to the dark side and settled in on a career in Law. Whether it was cover versions or own compositions, life was simple, we performed what we felt like and performed it proudly in public (if given the chance) not concerned with protecting what was ours or defining rights.

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Copyright and Music – Licenses in India

If you’re in India and have ever been near an elevator, you’ve probably heard Kenny G playing the saxophone. Owners of malls, hospitals, independent retail outlets, housing quarters and practically every lift (elevator) seem to have a particular proclivity toward choosing the instrumental music of Kenneth Bruce Gorelick.

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