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Moral rights and Copyright

The general notion, I’m sure is that copyright is a bundle of rights which is primarily an economic right (unless you are Gandhi, who resisted to enforce the copyright in his work for economic gain as economic rights) more than it being an indicator of the source of origin of the goods as in the case of trademarks. So what happens after you have assigned, either wholly or partially, the copyright in your work to someone else? Does that mean you have lost all your rights in the work that you have created or still have some form of ownership in it?

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Assignment of Copyright in India

There have been too many copyright issues in the recent times, either between the producer or the director of the film with regard to ownership of copyright or between say, a scriptwriter and the director. This got me thinking about the rights of the different people who contribute toward making a movie, well a complete movie. There is the music composer, the lyricist, the sound recorder, the record label company to name a few who are individuals who come up with creative ideas and turn them into their works. These people mostly either assign or license the rights that subsist in their work to the producer in return for a royalty. However, it isn’t as easy as it seems to be. There are many questions that arise at the time of assignment and especially after it, questions involving moral rights and future rights and the like. Well, time to find out the answers!

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