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3 Things your Marketing Team needs to know about Trademarks

Lawyers in general are not the most loved people on the planet. There is always a sense of caution when we’re dealt with. It’s also probably why the legal profession has two patron saints St. Ives and St. Thomas Moore (must be twice as difficult for us to get into heaven). Anyway leaving God and the Saints out of it, in any Company (more so in an FMCG one) the In-House legal team is generally disliked to a great extent by the Marketing team and are at loggerheads with each other on a fairly regular basis. Ruling out personal conflicts, the main cause of trouble, is the fact, that marketing teams like catchy product names, which leave very little doubt as to what the product is – Glass for a for a pair of glasses, Watch Kart for an online store that sells watches; which is exactly what the law does not permit. While the legal team, may seem like permanent killjoys, members of marketing teams, may consider their choice of brands more carefully, if they knew the basics of trademark law and three very important reasons not to choose descriptive or generic trademarks.

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