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India’s first Semi-Conductor Integrated Circuit Layout Design Application

A couple of months back we’d written about the basics of protection of Semi-Conductor Integrated Circuit Layout Design (SICLD) in India and more importantly how there hadn’t been a single application filed, or registered till date.

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SICLD Registry awaits its first application

I write this post with Indian audience in mind. When reading about or discussing IP laws or rights, we tend to think only of patents, copyrights, trademarks and maybe designs. There are however other intellectual property (IP) laws in India.

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Start-up Tips – Integrated Circuit Layout Designs Simplified

Tech start-ups seem to be the flavour of the day in most entrepreneur meets but amidst the wide array of software companies there is an oft neglected team of people who work exclusively on building hardware. The silent workers who have it more difficult in terms of securing funding, gaining visibility and pretty much anything.

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