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Planning to attend the 137th INTA annual meeting in San Diego? Read on.

I originally wrote this post before the the 136th INTA annual meeting in Hong Kong (1st INTA annual meeting in Asia). Folks who have been attending the INTA meetings will agree as to how awesome it can be and yet tiring, which requires careful planning. I thought of putting down a few of my insights that can be useful in planning your INTA trip.

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International Non-Proprietary Names as Trademarks in India – INN or OUT?

International Non-Proprietary Names (INN) are globally recognized names for pharmaceutical substances or active pharmaceutical ingredients and are also known as generic names. The International Non-Proprietary Names were first initiated by the World Health Assembly in 1950 with a view to designate universally recognisable names for pharmaceutical substances. In furtherance to this, the WHO has published a list of over 7000 generic names since its inception. The WHO guidelines states the importance of INNs as follows:

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