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Six things that may be stalling your trademark application in India

So you’ve planned and taken all necessary precautions before filing or instructing your Counsel in India to file your trademark application in India and it has been filed, and now you’re waiting. (Also see 4 steps to register a trademark in India – The fast and cost effective way) While the trademark office has taken it upon itself to teach all counsels how much of a virtue patience is, on some occasions they may not be at fault. It may well be, that the trademark office is in fact waiting on something from your end. Here are the top six things that may be stalling your trademark application at the moment.

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What does it mean when a TM-61 alert is issued for my trademark application by the Indian Trademark Office ?

If you had filed your trademark application on paper in India with specification of goods or services exceeding 500 characters and if an application requesting inclusion of additional characters was not filed at the time of filing the new application for registration of your trademark, a TM-61 alert will be displayed on the online status page of the Indian Trademark Office as shown below.

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