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Getting back your .com domain name through UDRP

Image source In the present ever-evolving internet age, domain names have become an indispensable part of any business entity. Just as trademarks symbolize the brand name of a business or a product, domain names identifies or locates a business or

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Few things you need to know about E-commerce & Intellectual Property

Every single time I’m sitting at the comfort of my home, e-commerce window shopping and buying things at the click of a button, I feel so thankful. Though this is not how I ideally enjoy shopping, it definitely makes life easy on some days! The e-commerce business in India has picked up a great deal over the last few years and today there are dozens of e-commerce websites catering to consumers for their varied needs. The companies that started off earlier occupy a large market share (more because they’ve built a brand over the years), but there are newer e-commerce start-ups that have made it big in no time given their unique business models. From the intellectual property perspective, there are a few things that every person who is a part of an e-commerce website and is looking to have one should keep in mind.

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