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What does it mean when my trademark application status shows “Formality check pass/fail” or ” Sent back to EDP? “

This is a very simple and preliminary stage wherein the Trademark Office asserts that all the formalities required to be observed while filing a trademark application have successfully been observed by the applicant and the application would soon proceed to the next level. The formalities here might imply submission of appropriate information or documents like Power of Attorney. If the status shows “formality check fail,” it naturally implies that there is some deficiency in observing the formalities, in which case, it is better to check with the Trademark Office as soon as possible to determine what is required, to fulfill the deficiency and proceed to the next level. There is no prescribed time frame in any of the above scenario. Where the status is “formality check pass,” one has to await the natural progress to the next stage which, currently, is seldom delayed.

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