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Sizopin and syzopin – Acquiescence makes no sense?

When I first came across the medicines SIZOPIN and SYZOPIN, I honestly thought it might have just been a typographical error and that they originate from the same source. Much to my astonishment, they are in fact two different drugs used for treating almost the similar thing. So naturally there had to be a suit for infringement by the one against the other.

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ZARA trademark dispute – Cocktails and clothes causing confusion?

The David-Goliath tussle in the trademark world is an unending one. It is a scenario where a big company is suing a small company and most often, the big company is made out to be a trademark bully. Though that might be true, in my opinion, it has more to do with protecting one’s trademark rights keeping in mind the business interests and the losses that the company is likely to incur as a result of such use by a third party. So if the actions of the smaller company are likely to affect the big company, it really isn’t a case of David-Goliath, as much as it is a case of infringement.

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