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“Viewing pirated videos/films will not land you in jail” – Setting A wrong precedent?

The buzz about legality of watching pirated movies on blocked websites has been doing the rounds for a while. The Bombay High Court in Eros International Media Limited v.  Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, pronounced that “mere viewing of blocked websites and

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Freedom 251 phone icons – Ring any Bells?

My day in office began with the conversation on whether my colleague was lucky enough to order the Freedom 251 smart phone, supposedly the India’s first and cheapest smartphone (around USD 4) which was launched yesterday by Noida-based company Ringing

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Copyright protection for jokes – Not a joke anymore?

Thou shal not steal is definitely the underlying point of all intellectual property rights, and Twitter reaffirmed this by deleting a tweet on a complaint made by Olga Lexell, a freelance writer from Los Angeles. Her premise was that she’s a freelance writer who makes her living writing jokes and since that’s her creation (intellectual property), other users didn’t have the right to re-post it without giving her due credit. This has definitely raised a lot of questions on whether jokes can actually be copyrighted under the copyright laws and more importantly, if such a right would be enforceable.

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