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Posts Tagged "contracts"

Do I really need an IP/ Contract lawyer when I have Google

I swear I can almost hear that thought passing through the cerebral cortex of many a client when it comes to discussing charges. Never mind that, as a part of a mid sized firm, I deal with flat fees instead of hourly and advise on strategic ways to reduce costs, when it comes to contract and prosecution of intellectual property, most people think they can do it on their own without a lawyer.

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Start-up tips : Employment Agreements – Intellectual Property Clause Simplified

My first job was at a start-up company – It was a part time job during law school, and I was working for a company that conducted creative theme based tours and events around the city. Working there helped me learn an incredible amount about everything! Partly through observing and a majority through actual experience I learnt the in and out of running a business, in particular, one that focused heavily on creativity.

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