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Character Merchandising in India – Licenses & Fan Art (Part Two)

In my previous article on character merchandising, I mentioned that all of us have at some point been guilty of buying merchandise of our favorite characters but how many times do we stop to think if it’s actually being licensed from the creators of the work or whether they are just rip offs? Not very often. The point here is that we love the character and are so thankful that the creators came up with it, but when it comes to their revenue, we don’t really give it too much thought because it doesn’t concern us. Well, this is one of the biggest issues faced by the most of the creators of fictional and cartoon characters and people purchasing such goods and more importantly, people selling these goods need to give it a thought. This is when licensing comes into the picture.

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Character Merchandising in India – Part One

Recently, I came across an exclusive store for Chota Bheem merchandise in Chennai that had every product (towels, bags, footwear and more) one could possibly imagine and I’m sure every child who walked into that store hasn’t left without throwing a tantrum to own one of those products! That really got me thinking of how character merchandising has been a fast growing market in India in the last few years. We’ve all been fans of cartoons and fictional characters at some point in our life and today, we have the opportunity of buying merchandise of our favorite characters. I’m sure most of us will admit to such indulgence even though it’s a little heavy on the pocket and that weakness is what the manufacturers of such merchandise are probably tapping into!

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