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Injunction against infringement – Delay of 10 years by the trademark office in amending records results in Plaintiff losing it’s locus standi.

The appellant is a company incorporated under the Companies Act in the year 1992. M/s Mano Pharmaceuticals Private Limited is a Division of the appellant’s company for which an agreement was entered into by the two companies, in 2003. Subsequently, M/s Mano Pharmaceuticals Private Limited had filed an application under the Trade Marks Act, 1999 (hereinafter referred to as “the Act”) for registration of trade mark ‘METO’. A request on Form TM-16 was filed to amend the name of the applicant to ‘M/s Mano Pharma (a Division of Orchid Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited)’ on 24.02.2003. Without taking the request on TM-16 on record the trademark office issued the registration certificate on 24/02/2005 in the name ‘M/s Mano Pharmaceuticals Private Limited’.

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