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Trademark and Startups: 4 Frequently Asked Questions

When starting a business I’m sure there are a multitude of questions that go through every entrepreneur’s mind. Barring the basic questions of whether or not to go ahead with launching something, on the trademark front there are a couple

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Choosing the right brand name for your startup

Identifying and choosing a suitable business/brand name is perhaps the first and the most important step towards creating your very own startup. A lot of time and effort goes into searching for and settling on a suitable name, and its equally, if not more important to protect that name. A brand name that you chose is not merely a name, but a reflection of the ideas, thoughts and relevance of the business symbolized by designs, logos, patterns, colours etc,.

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Naming Startup ? How to choose!

A common misconception among many entrepreneurs is that they should use a name that best describes their business, products or services. Their intention is to enable customers to easily remember them. Some tech businesses use generic names so as to increase web traffic on key word searches. However, having a descriptive or generic name for your startup, products or services is not a good strategy for your growing business. The name you select should score high on the degree of protectiveness. You can determine your score by fitting your mark into one of the following categories.

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