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An overview into licensing of trademarks in India

Having written about assignment of trademarks in India in one of my earlier articles, I wanted to write about licensing in India as the two concepts can be confusingly similar to those who need to choose. Apart from pointing out the differences, this article also will comprehensively explain the concept of licensing of trademarks in India because we live in this era of globalization, where licensing has become so common for people who already have a big market for their trademark and for people who want to build one. So this is all that the parties to a licensing agreement need to know;

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Can you lose your trademark even after registration?

Yes you can unless there is proper policing done, you are highly likely to lose your trademark rights. In my previous article I had mentioned how getting your mark registered is just the first step to the long battle ahead because even if your trademark is approved, people can challenge and steal your trademark and can do so by legal means. It sure does sound oxymoronic; how can one “legally” steal something, but if you read on you’ll know exactly what I mean. So to put this in perspective, here are some of the ways in which someone else could actually do that;

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Update! More facilities through Trademark E-filing system

Following my earlier post, I am incredibly excited about the recent launch of yet some more forms being made available online. With this launch, the Trademarks Office has made a total of 57 forms available online.

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