How to file a trademark application in India?


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My earlier post on how to register a trademark in India discussed the requirements and in brief the options you have to file an application for registration of a trademark in India. Over the last few weeks I have been receiving several emails and messages from entrepreneurs and start-ups enquiring about how the trademark registration process works in India and why even an IT major would find the Indian online trademark filing system complicated. Unfortunately I do not have an easy answer but I do have a solution which I hate myself for obvious reasons, is to go for a paper filing. So in this post I will discuss on preparing and filing your paper trademark application.

I would also recommend that you read my article on whether you should file your application on a proposed to be used or claiming usage.

Before you download the application form template please ensure that you have the following information ready.

If you are filing an application for registration of a trademark in more than one class (multi class) download this form.If you are filing an application for registration of a trademark in one class download this form.

Replace the text in RED on the template file with your information and print two copies of the form, two copies of the representation sheet and one copy of the covering letter. Enclose a cheque for the official fee of Rs.3500 per class and multiples thereof and send the documents by courier/speed post to the respective trademark office. A filing receipt and the application number stamped representation sheet are sent to you by the trademark office within a week. However in case you would like to check the status of your filing you can do so with your cheque details. I would recommend that you key in your application number here and check that the information that the trademark office has on its records are accurate.

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The information and insights of author were very useful and handy. Before that, I used to think that filing trademark is heck of a task and government officials would make me go round and round. It did not turn out to be like that. I went there, officials found to be very helpful and entire process was finished with in few hours without any haggle.
Thanks Selvam for all the help in guiding, helping me filling the trademark.

Priyanka Nakhwa
September 10, 2014 11:27 am

Dear Durga,

Please let me know about the procedure of how should I send a filled trademark application form will the form require any attorney details and code.

Please guide for the same.

Thanks & Regards,


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